Spring Equinox Meditation: Manifest

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Spring Equinox

On the equinox, the earth returns to a place of perfect balance where night and day are equal. This means it is the time of year where the yin energies are equal to the yang energies. It is a reminder that a life in balance brings peace and harmony. Spring brings with it the return of all life forms into activation and rejuvenation from the colder winter season. Sprouts begin to show, insects re-emerge and all life forms become renewed. It is a time of new beginnings, to plant seeds and take strolls in nature. This is also the time we need to become clear about what we would like to plant so we can harvest in the summer and autumn. This Spring Equinox Meditation brings with it great potential for transformation and manifesting your intent for the year.


Almost all cultures traditionally performed ritual ceremonies during the equinox and solstice. These traditional cultures believe that the earth and the cosmic universe are alive and can influence us. It is as if the universe is the macrocosmos and we humans are the reflection of it at the microcosmic level. Although in today’s world these natural phenomenon are hardly noticed by your average person, there are still various cultures that have maintained these ritual practices. Rituals such as this Spring Equinox meditation is a way to envision your intent in the belief that you can tap into the energetic powers of nature to propel your vision into a reality. Scientifically, one can say your are training the brain for the best possible outcome. Thus, you are taking advantage of neuroplasticity to keep a positive mindset that will get you to your goal. The Center for Healthy Minds are one of many research organizations which are finding that training the brain can influence wellbeing.

Linked to Nature

It seems that we have been losing our belief in the interconnectivity with nature and yet there are still some undeniable evidence that there may be something to it. Women’s menstrual cycles, for example, can be influenced by the water tides and the moon cycles. Our gut’s microbiome is another clue. Our gut health and immunity has been linked to the health of the earth’s bacterial diversity. In New York City for example, it has been found that the bacterial diversity of people’s guts has decreased about 30%. This is significant considering that 70% of our immunity lies in our guts. This is further evidence that our natural environment can affect our internal systems. We may indeed be a direct reflection of our natural world.

Manifesting: Clarity of Vision

If we would like to manifest, we need to have a clear vision. The first step is knowing exactly what you want. Imagine that Santa Clause could only grant you one gift. However, if you asked for many things, you would get none. So similarly, when manifesting, it is important to be very specific about what you want. Once you have clarity you need to ask once, and let go and have faith. You do not need to worry of how this is going to evolve. No wish is too big or too small yet be careful what you wish for. The Universe does not care if it’s good or bad and may provide regardless. To insure what you ask is good for you, try focusing on how you would feel once that wish has been granted instead of the material good.

Spring Equinox Meditation: Step by Step

  • Sit or lie in a comfortable position: If sitting down, make sure your posture is upright. Your head is straight with neck and shoulders relaxed and hands on you laps.
  • If you are lying down, get comfortable and lie with your palms facing up. As you are asking the universe, your palms should be open facing the sky.
  • If sitting, feel yourself supported by the ground below your feet.
  • If lying down, feel the floor supporting your body.
  • Connect to that nurturing earth energy that is holding you safe and cozy.
  • Now start by sensing your breath gently going in and out from your nose. You should feel cold air coming in and warm air coming out. The breath is natural not forced nor controlled in any way. Think of it as air moving light as a feather in and our from your nose.
  • Start to scan your body by placing your attention starting at your head, then your heart area and last your limbs.
  • If you feel any area of tension, breathe into that area as you envision tensions dissolving. Feel as if the breath reaches that area of tension when you inhale, and dissolve and relax any discomfort as you exhale.
  • Once you scanned the body, feel as if your energy is expanding to the room and surrounding everything in the room. You can do this by thinking of your breath as if emanating from your skin. As if breathing thru your pores.
  • Start fo visualize the breath as a light shining in all directions. This is when you ask for your wish. Ask for your wish only once and release any thoughts of how that is going to happen.
  • Now imagine that it has already happened and how it feels. Do you feel abundant, do yo feel at peace, do you feel joy?
  • Radiate that positive feeling and envision it as a healing light emanating from your body to fill the entire room.
  • Now envision that postive feeling reaching and expanding all the way to the cosmos and the entire universe. Stay here some minutes to enjoy the moment.
  • Slowly start to move your body again, deepen your breath, and open your eyes softly to end your meditation.

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