Vinyasa Flow

Duration: 75 minutes
Group: $26/person (4 minimum)(plus local tax)
Private: $90 (1-2 persons), each additional $21 *Please contact us to add additional persons
Vinyasa Yoga is a more dynamic yoga and uses flowing movements that unite the breath with the more rhythmic yoga postures. In energy theory, the element of fire and water have a taming and rival relationship as water can control fire by putting it out. However, in the marriage of these two opposing elements, we also find our most wonderful potential. In this yoga session, you will be encouraged to follow in a rhythm like continuous routine, where your movements will be fluid and flexible yet controlled and dynamic. In the harmonizing of water and fire we find the kidney energy of power. It is in this center where the yin and yang reside and align, allowing the flow of pure potentiality to emerge. When you are in flow, you are in expression of your biggest passion, creativity and in the presence of your highest self.

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