Restorative Yoga

Duration: 75 minutes
Group: $26/person (4 minimum)(plus local tax)
Private: $90 (1-2 persons), each additional $21 *Please contact us to add additional persons
Wood, in energy theory, represents the season of spring where nature in all its forms rejuvenates and re-emerges just like the young sprouts of seedlings or the bear coming out of hibernation. In this yoga session, we will help you become really comfortable in order to restore, balance, and deeply nourish. As you lay down in different postures, you will be supported with cushions or props so you can really open up to what’s there to feel in the body and mind. Layer by layer, posture by posture the intent is to yield to feelings or tensions by letting them tell their story, while letting go of what no longer serves you. Our focus is to create a practice of self-compassion and self-care that will help you feel deeply restored and rejuvenated afterward. This restorative yoga session will be complimented with the inclusion of a meditation style of your choice: lying, sitting, or walking meditation. The gift of the present moment awaits you.

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