Holistic Detox Workshop

Price $68 (plus local tax).
Email info@essentialaruba.com to apply 20 % local discount with ID.
Price: $65, Locals: (info@essentialaruba.com for local booking discount link) This is an interactive workshop that combines exercises, self-care tools, and sensorial elements. In this workshop, you will learn about some of the science and wisdom traditions related to the benefits of the cleansing process. You will also be introduced to a selection of different cleansing techniques not only in nutrition but in other relevant areas of your life. Included will be tips and tricks, energy cleansing exercises and tapping, emotional detox techniques, breathwork among many elements. We will conclude the workshop by creating a detox drink together using local Aruban herbs and superfoods. Location: Eagle Beach (tables and sitting arranged) Leading Team: Nutritionists, Health Coaches, Energy Healing Arts- Meditation Specialist Download Brochure

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