Detox and Rejuvenate

$68 , plus local tax , 90-120 minutes

This is an interactive and rejuvenating wellness activity that combines exercises, self care tools, and sensorial elements to engage participants and promote personal growth. Wood in energy medicine represents rejuvenation associated with the organ of the liver which is in charge of detoxification. In this wellness experience, you will learn what some of the science and wisdom traditions understand about the benefits of the cleansing process to revitalize the body and mind. You will also be introduced to a selection of different detox and cleansing techniques. Not only in nutrition but in other relevant areas of your life, seen thru a holistic perspective of body, mind and spirit. Included will be tips and tricks, energy cleansing exercises, emotional detox techniques, Indigenous Arawak cleansing ritual, breath-work among many healing elements. We will conclude by creating a detox drink together using local Aruba aloe and herbs. You will leave with concrete strategies on how to apply a detox program back at home along with insight and tools to nourish, create vitality and thrive.

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