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A dyad or co-meditation is the precious gift of real attention, of really being heard. In a co-meditation, Two (2) persons sit together. Usually the teacher and student, where the teacher carries the space for the student to go on a journey of self-inquiry. This is done in part by asking simple questions that address the different layers of our experience; sensations, feelings, thoughts, beliefs, and the underlying layer of just being present. It is easier to listen to what is going on inside you when there is someone with you just listening in. The iRest dyad is an approach that brings surprises every time, always very nourishing. It gives space to what is, so things can breath and shift. A different perspective or an new insight can arise, and you can move on. A dyad can be useful to work with anxiety, depression, and pain, to tap into a deeper source of creativity in one’s work, or investigate self-limiting beliefs and emotions. Rather than coming from a place of brokenness or a need to fix something, this approach encourages you to start from a place inside you that is already whole. A typical co-meditation dyad session lasts 50-60 minutes, with the actual meditation lasting about 30-45.  Even if you have never meditated before, you will find this method WORKS!

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