Yoga, Tai Chi/(Chi Kung)


Vinyasa Flow

In this yoga session, you will be encouraged to follow in a dance like continuous routine, where your movements will be fluid and flexible yet controlled and dynamic in an even flow. When you are in flow, you are in expression of your...

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Relaxing Yin Yoga (Morning-Sunset)

Earth, represents protection and stability becoming the surface where all life is grounded and nourished.  In this yoga session, you will enjoy the grounding energies of the earth feeling safe, protected and deeply at peace...

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Restorative Yoga with Meditation

This yoga session is meant to reinvigorate and revitalize your body and mind. With the help of prompts your will be invited to hold long relaxed postures so as to open the energy channels and clear the pathways for deep healing.

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Chi Kung/ Tai Chi

Chi Kung (qigong), also know as Chinese Yoga, is similar to Tai Chi (An Internal Martial Arts).  It is comprised of short exercise which focus on flowing standing movements to improve energy flow…

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Yoga Nidra for Mental/ Emotional Wellbeing

This workshops teaches you a powerful meditation technique for Mental Emotional Wellbeing. It offers an experience of deep relaxation, inner stillness, ease and connection with yourself. It will also...

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Meditation & Breath-Work

Empower yourself and learn how to apply a self meditation practice based on proven meditation methods. In this session, you will learn all the basic principles to help you understand and carry your...

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A dyad or co-meditation is the precious gift of real attention, of really being heard. In a co-meditation, Two (2) persons sit together. Usually the teacher and student, where the teacher carries …

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Beach Yoga at Top Ranked Beach in the World

An unforgettable Aruba experience awaits you on your yoga mat.  Imagine taking your yoga practice or yoga workshop as you overlook the breathtaking view of Aruba’s top ranked beach in the world.

Eagle Beach was ranked #1 beach in the Caribbean and #2 in the world by Trip Advisor.   You can choose to have your Yoga or Tai Chi class on Eagle Beach, as you feel the sand beneath your feet and the cooling breeze below the canopy.

Inspirational Themes & Wisdoms

Mindful activity and  yoga sessions are much more than just the physical exercise and feel more like a yoga workshop.  They will have inspirational themes and wisdoms, while harmonizing movement, body, and breath with inner reflection.

Highly Certified Yoga Experts

Essential wellness retreats qualifies only the top wellness instructor in their field, while following Yoga Alliance and National Qigong Association approved quality program standards.  We make sure integrity and quality are part of each mindful practice.

Mat and yoga props provided, bring your towel.

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