Corporate Wellness

Including a corporate wellness experience during your Aruba Corporate Conference is the perfect time to engage your employees to reflect on their wellbeing.  It will also continue the culture of health and support within your organization and provide an opportunity for connectivity, while creating life changing memorable experiences for participants.  

Who we Serve

  • Corporations and Aruba Hotel and Lodging industry wanting wellness experiences for their Aruba Corporate conference, seminars and incentive travel programs

    • Corporate experiential presentations on a wellness topic
    • Wellness day & wellness workshop group sessions 
    • Incentive travel and private wellness consultations for top employees 
  • Destination management companies and travel organizations wanting to create retreats or wellness experiences for corporate clients traveling to Aruba

Added Value to Companies

  • Ensures a professional business format & structure

  • Trusted & proven reliability with over 11 years of medical, health and wellness tourism industry experience  
  • A team of quality personnel experts in their fields and professionally certified thru U.S. and European standards from top board certified programs

  • Provides one easy & efficient platform for dealing with all wellness experiences and wellness staffing requirements 

  • Facilitates immediate “know-how” of specialized niche wellness sector so you can focus on your core business

  • All wellness experiences are experiential and designed to empower, reflect, engage and create connectivity and open conversations among participants
  • A unique integrative approach considering all areas that can affect health not just nutrition, and  physical activity but includes mindset, relationships, career, purpose, spirituality etc.

Corporate Presentations & Wellness Topics:

Positive Formation of Habits & Balanced LifestyleValue Based Workgroups & Team Connectivity
Stress ManagementPositive Mindset, Mindfulness & Meditation
Building of Resilience & Emotional Wellbeing Strategies for Better Energy, Vitality & Sleep
Exploring the Relationship with FoodBuilding and Refining Spirituality
Brain Optimization & ClarityCreativity and Passion
Performance-Based NutritionPositive Reinforcement and Cultivation of Joy
Connectivity & Building Strong RelationshipsEasy Healthy Meals and Food Prepping
Finding True Meaning and Purposeful Lives & Much More


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