1-on-1 Wellness Consultation

$135 per session, 60 min plus local tax
3 Session Package: $115/ session

(local tax not included)

In this personalized health coaching session, you will explore with the guidance of our integrative nutritionist, different aspects of your daily rhythms with an emphasis on nutrition and other important areas relating to your habits, mindset, and lifestyle.

You will be empowered to discover and leave with concrete personal strategies for better health such as increased immunity, optimal vitality, and or better athletic performance.  Sessions consist of behavioral interviewing and conversations, while 2 to 3 recommendations will be given at the end of each session.

Optimize Wellness with 3 Sessions:
Pre Departure

Subject Areas & Benefits of Health Coaching

Establishing Healthy HabitsLearning how to Fuel and Nourish your Body
Managing StressIncreasing Spirituality & Joy
Having Clarity in your Career PathMindful Relationships
Fueling for performanceUnderstanding Mood & Food
Relationship with FoodPerformance Mindset
Cultivating Creativity& Many More
Rituals for Better Sleep 
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