About Us


Essential has been in the health and medical industry since 2012, while serving the medical tourism sector for travelers with special needs.  During the many years of serving clients with health challenges, Essential truly understood the great need for a different approach to health.  It became clear that empowering the individual thru lifestyle changes, based on a holistic approach, was the greatest catalyst for change for any individual to attain greater health.  Thus, a new department under the Essential company was formed and Essential Wellness Retreats was founded. 


Essentials missions has always been to serve and empower people to live healthy, joyful, compassionate and purposeful lives. 

The Vision

Essential believes that every human being has the capacity to heal themselves. When the right environment is created, our healing potential can unfold naturally in every aspect of our lives. This is why Essential creates wellness activities that blend the best of holistic health wisdoms (mind, body, and spirit) with a modern relatable approach while harmonizing with the natural surroundings. We encourage the individual to discover their deeper essence and highest potential thru lifestyle and positive habits that pave the path to long-lasting transformation and well-being.

Discovering your Essence

This journey is not about perfection nor reaching the destination.  It is about self-compassion, self care, and honoring wherever you may be in your path.  It’s about being present to celebrate each progress while enjoying the journey.  

Self Exploration: You need to explore different paths to know what is right for yourself.  If you are not open to exploring yourself, there is no growth. Thru exploration, you start to live thru experience which makes you present in life. When you live in the now, not the past, nor the future you start to experience life thru all the senses just the way nature experiences life.  What do I hear? What do I see? How do I feel? Why do I feel this? How do I accept or change it?

Self Awareness: Although in every life form there is struggle, becoming intentionally aware of the present starts to teach you how to handle difficult situations and emotions. In fact, you are learning the way of your own path and bio-individuality thru experience, as you start to know yourself better thru mindful living.

Self Love:  By becoming conscious of your experiences, you start identifying your blockages and triggers as well as what brings you joy and makes you tick.  It starts becoming evident you need to have the self love to change your ways thru establishing new positive habits.  You start becoming responsible for yourself and these new positive habits start becoming these choices of self love.

Self Purpose: Once you sense your true well being, you become more attune to living a life with grater purpose.  This may be a life long process because your purpose should not be so easily attainable.  It should be about living your purpose everyday and  when you steer away, coming back to it.  Your purpose should bring you joy and become your way of life, while reflecting your highest values.

Self-Realization: The more you live in your purpose, the more life starts to feel effortless. You start living in full harmony and synchronicity with life in that state whom some call ”grace”.  It is as if something was propelling you forward and you become the vessel for something greater.  You feel connected to everything and everyone around you.  In this inner peace and inter connectivity,  there is no room for fear.  You are now living in full potential in the self realization of your true essence.

Support for Ecology & Nature

For Essential, connection to nature and the protection of the natural environment is at its core, which is why we have chosen to support eco-travel and sustainable vacations where participants can be a part of a greater purpose in helping Aruba maintain its natural beauty.  When part of an Essential wellness experience, you can opt-in to receive an ecological bin so you can recycle while on your eco vacation in Aruba. You can recycle plastics, metals, and cardboard.  Your ecological bin will be given to you at your first wellness session and can be arranged for pick up at your Aruba hotel upon your departure.

Education & Community Programs

Essential believes in the power of educating and building up our community.  That is why we give educational grants to our wellness experts.  This ensures the opportunity for the local community to enter the best integrative nutrition programs from board-certified institutions to help them achieve the highest level of certification and education in the field.  

Join to Support the Community

As part of each retreat experience, Essential donates monthly passes to the local community in need so they too can share in the wellness journey experience.  You can help make this possible by choosing to opt-in to share your group wellness workshop with a local community member at no additional cost to you.

Wellness Experts & Mindful Instructors

Many of our wellness experts hold multiple degrees and are certified in relevant areas such as Nutrition, Dietetics, Energy Theory & Food Therapy, as well as Integrative Nutrition.  Certification of our health and wellness coaches is done thru the Institute of Integrative Nutrition in New York, a board-certified program, pioneer, and leader in the holistic health industry.    All our yoga instructors are highly experienced and have been certified by an approved Yoga Alliance school, while our Qigong Energy Medicine teachers from the National Qigong Association approved programs.  Our Yoga Nidra meditation expert is highly experienced and has been certified thru the iRest Yoga Nidra meditation technique. 

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