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Welcome to a place where blue crystal water meets sky and embraces the soft healing winds of transformation.

Become empowered by discovering how to nourish, maintain vitality and thrive in all aspects of your life by joining one of our wellness retreat programs, while taking in the breathtaking views of Aruba’s natural splendor.

Create a Retreat

Design your own personalized retreat by mixing and matching the wellness experiences that best fits your needs and or that of your group.

Corporate Groups

Perfect for company business events and seminars held in Aruba. Also great for companies like Hotels wanting to create and staff their wellness programs.

Join an Existing Retreat

Individual travelers, couples or small groups who do not meet the 8 person max workshop capacity can join with someone’s already booked but not filled group workshop.

Essential’s wellness experiences are
based on the principals of holistic health

The Essential Way

Essential’s wellness experiences are based on the principles of holistic health which are grounded on the belief that the person should be treated as a whole being in body, mind, and spirit.  The purpose is to genuinely allow you to reconnect back to yourself, others, and the radiant nature all around you.   

Like everything in nature, it is inherently in you to balance naturally.  All the answers are inside of you already.   The wellness expert will act as a guide on the side but the power and knowledge always come from within. 
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Each wellness experience has been finely curated to provide a personalized journey of self-discovery so you can move toward balanced health thru the positive formation of habits. 

Who we Serve

Aruba’s unique contrasting landscapes of gorgeous white sand, turquoise water beaches, and earth-scented desserts will be the ideal retreat spot to immerse yourself in a holistic wellness experience personalized for yourself, your guest, your employees, your group of friends, family, or health tribe.  

Whether you are a health-driven individual or couple, a physical activity instructor like a yoga teacher or coach traveling with your students, a hotel wanting to create a wellness program,  or a corporation holding an employee or business conference, you are in the right place.  

Essential’s Intention

Essential will help you create personalized health retreats and wellness workshops that are inspirational and insightful, in a fun, professional, and supportive environment, while truly bringing positive life-changing experiences for each participant.

Creating Community

Essential brings the local wellness community together in service while providing you an opportunity to join a group of like-minded travelers.  We will connect you to other wellness retreat participants so you can live a true holistic wellness community experience. Learn more about Essential’s Community.

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